Rebel Seed

With Rebel Seed, Sean Frank explores the secret signals that bring a people together. Easy to miss if you’re not looking but visible for those who seek solace. It is a look at the independence of solitary existence, an investigation of identity, belonging, and solidarity. Told through the eyes of a rebel, the film introduces a rebellious main character, Marlo, in quiet moments, an intimate observation of how they see the world—from the outskirts, living on the edge of town, outside the margins, outside the expectations of what being Black means. Marlo prefers to spend time chasing light and walking down empty railroads than to be in a room of people trying to force their unique identity into boxes and statistics.

Following symbols and signs on their journey, the main character recognizes a language they don’t yet understand, but learn to appreciate as it leads them to their tribe. 

Screenplay by - Shamikah Martinez

Executive Producer - Ashley Cimone

Project Manager - Moya Annece

Equator Producer - Ché Nembhard

Equator Production Assistant - Chanel Hinds & Ric-Chara Pina

Costume Designers - Ade Samuel & Memsor Kamarake

Assistant Costume Designers - Janelle Tomeko & Ryan Gale

Featuring designs by

ASHYA, Beads Byaree, Brother Vellies, Edas, Fe Noel, Jam + Rico, LaQuan Smith, Miss Numa, Orange Culture, Sansovino 6, Theophilio, Tia Adeola, Tokyo James

Behind The Scenes

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