Rejoice Resist

a Lief production

Executive Producer - Ashley Cimone

Producer - Margo Mars

Equator Project Manager - Moya Annece

Equator Production Assistant - Chanel Hinds

Costume Designers - Ade Samuel & Memsor Kamarake

Assistant Costume Designers - Ryan Gale, Oleata Stewart & Quinton Faulkner

Assistant Costume Coordinator - Ric-Chara Pina

Wardrobe Dresser - Shalana Wareham

Featuring designs by

Aliétte, Amber Raye, Beads Byaree, Brother Vellies, Dixie Graze, Épifenē, Fe Noel, The House of RG, KHIRY, Kai Collective, L’Enchanteur, Marty Moto, Nooni, OLTR London, Sheer Suga, Third Crown, 90zBack

Behind The Scenes

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