We Do

We Do is a film about ceremony and sisterhood. Opening with three women helping each other dress, the film take us through a luxurious ceremony of dressing for special occasions and celebrates sisterhood and rituals. As the three main characters continue through the film, they end with a vow amongst each other; to love, cherish and protect each other for generations to come.

Themes within We Do :

Luxury, Leisure, Femininity, Ritual, Beauty, Texture, Movement, Support, Vosa and Style 

Executive Producer - Ashley Cimone

Equator Project Manager - Moya Annece

Equator Producer - Nalima Touré

Equator Production Assistant - Chanel Hinds

Costume Designers - Memsor Kamarake & Ade Samuel

Assistant Costume Designer - Ryan Gale

Assistant Costume Coordinator - Ric-Chara Pina

Featuring designs by

Brother Vellies, House of Aama, Keeyahri, Love Oh Lou, Miss Numa, Third Crown

Behind The Scenes

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